Playa del Ingles Holiday Rentals

Playa del Ingles Holiday Rentals

Self catering holiday rental villas, apartments and other accommodation in Playa del Ingles.

Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully as they constitute a legally binding agreement and govern your use of this site and all subsidiary sites owned and run by CIPS. By using this site or any other site owned and run by us (a full list of which can be obtained by sending an email to admin[at] - (replace [at] with @) - with the subject line 'list of sites' or which will be notifiable by the copyright notice and the words (CIPS) on the site) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that appear below.
If you do not fully agree to these terms & conditions you may not access or use this site.
‘Canary Islands Property Services‘, ‘CIPS‘, ‘’, ’us’, ’we’, ‘our’, ‘ours‘ and any sites owned and run by us will be referred to hereafter as 'CIPS'.

All material and content displayed on the CIPS websites belongs to CIPS or relevant copyright owners. This information or material content may be retrieved and/or displayed on a computer screen, printed on paper or stored electronically on removable disk for personal non-commercial use only. Any other use is expressly prohibited without the prior permission of CIPS or applicable copyright holder.
Removal of copyright notices, redistribution or commercial exploitation of any content, user data, storage in full or part or the use of frames within other sites to display content from any sites owned or run by CIPS is strictly prohibited.
You may download, print or display for personal use only - any part of the rental enquiry process providing any copyright notices are clearly visible.

CIPS are not party to any transactions between rental owners and/or users and have no contract with regards to any properties for rent or for sale listed on our sites. Our sites are used as a facility for owners or agents to advertise property and CIPS are not involved with any transaction between the owner of a property and a person renting it. It is therefore the sole responsibility of users to determine the accuracy of a listing advertised.

No charge is made for accessing our sites to view or enquire about any advertised property. No fees are initially payable for advertising accommodation or property on this website but certain fees may be payable by owners or agents advertising accommodation / property who wish to use extra features. Advertisers will be notified of any such fees beforehand and will have the option to decline any paid service - in general, advertising will be kept as free as possible.
From time to time third party content will be used on our sites and as such their relevant copyright notices must be adhered to.

Unauthorised Use
Unless otherwise stated and without written consent from CIPS you may not do the following:

Use our sites other than to advertise and promote rental property or property for sale or search for properties or services that we offer and make enquiries about them.
Advertise any other goods or services.
Reveal sensitive or confidential information.
Impersonate someone else or use a false identity.
Link to sites other than a site further describing a listed property. This includes sites with multiple properties (more than 1) unless the majority of properties are also listed on sites operated or run by CIPS or its subsidiary sites.
Reverse engineering of any part of any sites owned or run by us.
Place unreasonable load on any of our servers.
Display, post or transmit any false or misleading, unlawful, defamatory, obscene, profane or explicit information or material or any other such item which may constitute a criminal or civil offence, upset or offend.
Display information, images or any other material for which someone else owns or has the copyright to or for which you do not have permission to use.
Display, post or transmit photos or images of people except in certain circumstance where further describing a property or surrounding complex or area and the people are not the main focal point of the image. For example a photograph of the local beach from a distance, where the beach is the main focal point and the people contained within the image are personally unidentifiable.
CIPS reserves the right to remove or edit photos, pictures or images which breach this rule.
Modify, sell, rent or alter any part of any sites or interfere with the functionality or performance of them.
Copy (plagiarise) user content, content of ours or violate third party trademarks or copyrights.
Submit a rental property listing then at a later date change it to a different property before the expiration of the original property.
Knowingly or through disguise transmit or upload worms, robots, spiders, viruses, trojans, spyware or any other device or software that will compromise or interfere with the security and/or functionality or impose unreasonable load on any site or system used within our sites.
Keep a copy of our sites or portion of them in the form of a database or other content saving device apart from the ones permitted in these terms and conditions.
Any violation of such offences should be reported to admin[at] replacing the [at] with @

Our sites and usage of them.
CIPS allow the submission of information and images to our sites for the provision of rental owners or owners wishing to sell to advertise and list property with us. CIPS reserve the right to check, verify, amend, resize, alter, edit, delete or refuse any information or content submitted to us.
By submitting information, images and/or any other material to us you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty free, irrevocable, unrestricted worldwide licence to use the material in any way deemed appropriate for use on our sites including but not limited to editing, alteration, resizing, spelling and grammar correction, that all rights to the material are waived and copyright protection granted to us for all material. Do not submit material for which you do not or can not grant copyright protection to us.
You are solely responsible for any material submitted to us and agree that it does not violate anything set out in the section above 'Unauthorised Use' or any other section of these terms and conditions or listing conditions accessible after registration. It is the sole responsibility of all registered members of our sites to obtain and make sure they have the correct permissions for all materials submitted.

Rental owners who have listed a property on any of our sites and wish to cancel must do so within 14 days of listing the property to obtain a refund. Full details of this can be found by logging into your account and clicking the 'help' link.

Each property must be listed separately and can not be changed to an alternative property after the 14 day cancellation period except in rare circumstance and at the discretion of CIPS. This does not affect your rights to edit your property's details. We reserve the right to terminate a property without recompense for a breach of this condition.

Sites owned and operated by CIPS contain content from third party users for which we may have no control or can not verify. We will take every possible step to ensure your experience on our sites is a good one but CIPS and sites run or owned by us can not guarantee the accuracy of any such content and users of all sites do so at their own risk.
In rare circumstance, through technical difficulty or during site maintenance or for reasons beyond our control there may be the possibility that any of our sites could become inaccessible. We will however endeavour to correct any such interruptions immediately to overcome such problems but no guarantee can be made as to the time this will take or whether it will be resolved.

Some of the data systems we use are in the UK or European Union and the United States and personal data may be stored and/or transferred to such countries that may have different data protection policies than the UK data protection act 1998. However we will ensure any personal data is treated with confidence and applicable law.

CIPS, because of its varied amount of sources from which information is uploaded and obtained can not give any warranties that the information contained within our sites is free from viruses or any other type of infection. It is your sole responsibility to check anything downloaded from our sites for such infections.

The exact identification or verification of user of any of our sites can not be guaranteed by us and is difficult to prove when operating an Internet/web based service. We strongly recommend direct communication with users of our sites.

Free advertising period
We offer an unconditional, no obligations free advertising period to all new clients.
We reserve the right to change this period at any time.
Existing clients who recommend a new user to our services will receive a bonus 3 months free featured advertising.

The Money Pool
Any monies received by CIPS either through donations or through paid-for, extra features, will be pooled together and used in the following Order: 1. To help towards the costs of our websites, for example - domain name rental and web hosting servers. 2. To further advertise our websites and any property listed on them.

Limitation of User Information
We do not tolerate unsolicited emails (spam) and will not provide the email address of users of any of our sites to any third party without the express permission of the user or unless the user chooses to display their email in an unprotected section of their property listing. We therefore expect users enquiring about property on any of our sites to respect this should a rental owner share this information with you.
Users of any of our sites should respect any personal information obtained in any communication and under no circumstances share this with a third party without the consent of the respective owner.
Property owners - by agreeing to these terms and conditions agree that users of our sites may use your visible information or information supplied through other communication by you to them, with respect to enquiring and/or acquiring a rental property.
Property Owners should not rely solely on the limitations of our sites in safeguarding personal information and should use caution at all times. CIPS and any of its sites will not be held responsible for any such personal information given through communication to user of our sites.

By using our sites you agree not to share personal information about another user to anyone without their consent and treat any information about them as confidential and assume full liability for misuse or loss of it.

CIPS and anyone associated with us or its sites accept no responsibility for any losses monetary, incidental, punitive or otherwise incurred whether direct or indirect as a result of using any of our websites or services or as a result of a breach of our terms and conditions or listing terms (accessible after registration) nor through negligence on our part or a registered members part. The use of any of our websites, services or any transactions on our sites between users constitutes acceptance of our liability which in none.

CIPS will check all user content submitted to any of our sites before being published (available to the general public) but can not guarantee its safety, suitability, availability or accuracy. Information submitted by third parties to any of our sites is the sole responsibility of that party or user. Any liability due to the accuracy of such information is disclaimed and waived toward us, our websites or any persons involved with us.

It is the sole responsibility for any property owner whether a business or not to pay their own appropriate taxes for any income gained. CIPS accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any taxes not paid by anyone using its sites.

CIPS will at times use various means including third parties such as property publications, property agents, ad campaigns, newsletters and partnering companies to promote its sites and thus any property listings on them. This is no guarantee of further exposure, promotion or income to any listings included on any of our sites. Any such promotional means will be applied at CIPS discretion.
CIPS can not accept any responsibility for any registered members content supplied to us that may violate or infringe upon any copyright or other such laws in which case all registered members agree to waive all rights to any such claim against us.

You hereby agree in the event of a dispute with us or users of our sites regarding any transaction to release CIPS and anyone involved with us from all liabilities, expenses or claims which may arise from such an incident. In the event of such a dispute with us (CIPS) we will endeavour to solve it amicably and fairly.
CIPS' liability will not be restricted or limited in the event of personal injury or death caused directly by our negligence.

Privacy Policy
Information provide about yourself to us through any of our websites or services will only be used by us in strict accordance with our privacy policy and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Information is collected for verification purposes and to process enquires.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions and using any of our sites you agree that your name and a telephone contact number will be publicly viewable by all users of our sites and that you may be contacted on this number. By listing a property with us you also agree that users may contact you using the enquiry form provided on our sites. You also agree that CIPS may contact you by telephone, email or letter with regards to your listing/property or any of our services.

Personal information we will collect about you is as follows:
Name, address, home telephone and/or mobile number, email address.

Personal financial information.

Extreme caution should be used if you receive any communication which appears to be from CIPS, or from any site we operate asking for any financial information. We can not accept any responsibility for financial loss or damages for such information revealed to anyone purporting to be us.

Any payments made to us will be through our payment gateway 'Paypal' and are kept strictly confidential between paypal and you.

Any information we hold about you can be viewed by logging into your account and clicking 'My Details' link.
No personal financial information will ever be stored on any sites belonging to CIPS.

Paypal payments without a Paypal account.
Anyone may pay for a service we offer through our secure payment gateway processor 'Payapl'.
Property owners or agents who do not have a paypal account may pay (through paypal) using either a credit or debit card.

Reserved Rights.
CIPS reserves the right to change its policies, terms and conditions, listing terms, layout, design or functionality at anytime without notice. CIPS may at any time change features or aspect, suspend, restrict or discontinue any site or site facility in part or in full without notice or recompense to users and do not accept any losses, damage or liability resulting from any of these changes.
We also reserve the right to remove, suspend or ban users or property without notice or recompense at any time found in breach of our terms and conditions or listing terms (available after registration in the ‘help’ link) or in any circumstances deemed inappropriate by our company.

Applicable law.
English law will apply to these Terms and Conditions and both you and CIPS agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

CIPS can not guarantee that our sites will meet everyone’s expectations or be available, error free or run uninterrupted at all times due to the nature of the internet, nor can it guarantee speed or accuracy of display of content on any users personal computer or any other device used to access our sites on the internet. Although material is checked before being published to any of our site we can not guarantee it will be free from viruses or other harmful software and can not be held responsible for such infecting any of your equipment.

CIPS do not accept any payments on behalf of our registered users in relation to the rental or sale of a property and thus have no need to operate sites with (SSL) secure socket layer which will encrypt data between a client and a server. You accept by using any of our sites that any transmission of data may not be confidential and have the possibility to be read or intercepted by others.

Electronic payments to us.

Any payment to us submitted electronically for services we offer will be through our payment gateway 'Paypal'. It is safe and secure using the latest encryption technology. Personal banking, credit or debit card details are never revealed... Not even to us! Users are protected 100%.

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